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All good things come to an end.

I've just gotten an email telling me that this LJ will run out of paid time this week. And this might be a good point to end my time at magnolia_ceres and start over.

I am very grateful for the friends that I've made here ♥, for the fun that we had and the support you've give me at difficult times. And yes, I'm being sentimental...but it's been almost 5 years that I've had this LJ and I do think that's a long time for something on the internet.

Anyway! I probably won't post in this LJ anymore, but feel free to follow the white rabbit into a whole new LJ-wonderworld called goosuke... :D

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First of all, Happy Birthday aestalitz! <3 I read you had a wonderful day~ XD

Secondly, I've cut almost all my ties with my uni life in Tübingen - quit the orchestra and quintet, resigned from Biochem basic courses and now am officially spending a "break" semester. I got really sweet replies from Tobias (our conductor) and Clemens, and I went teary-eyed reading them - I really hope I can find people as nice and caring somewhere else.

What else? Today I had a grump and felt sorry for myself for different reasons, but spending some time with Billie fangirling over old, old things (Digimon!) really made me feel better. AND, here is where you can help~~ after re-reading Kästner's Drei Männer im Schnee>, Gaarder's Solitaire Mystery and several of Kishon's satires, I really need some more humourous stuff to read! So, question to my friends-list!

What's your favourite light-hearted book/author? (preferably German, since I like to read before I sleep and German is still easier to read in half-sleep) XD;;

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Happy yummy Birthday, lina_lau!! <3 Must poke you again for address and things 8D... or maybe I can just hand over in November? XD *islazy*

Oh, and I got a youtube.com account today - it's awesome and so evilly addicting! XD;;
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After long discussions with my parents and friends (thank you all so much, especially Billie <3) I've deciced to take a break from my biochem studies - which might result in quitting Biochem after this semester. :x I've talked to my studies advisor and monday I'll hand in the application.

So what's to do for me in the world withouth Biochem? I've looked around some and thought (digital) media designer sounded interesting. :3 Unlike graphic design, which seems to be more about drafting and originality, a media designer (german: Mediengestalter) seem to be more about layouting and styling. I've been looking on forums and - just thinking of what I could do there makes me excited. XD;; I've always enjoyed making things look pretty after all, and I can imagine working with this would be fun X3

My plans for the upcoming months include getting acquainted with some graphic/layout programs and - making a portfolio. I'm really looking forward to this, as it means making lots of crap that have no use but just will look cool XD - like package designs for milk/cellphone/perfume, a menu card for a café, a calendar, CD covers, posters, calling cards/stationary. I've done many things before, but they mostly felt like "procrastination" an a guilty pleasure. I just hope that making this into work doesn't lessen the fun too much :x...
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Wah, I noticed something was different with LJ but I didn't realize just HOW new-and-sparklingly-different it is! I love the "My LJ" page, and a lot of the new styles and - wah! ♥

Anyone has a problem with the notifying mails though? XD;;

*cheers* hinotori - and if you can read this: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE! XD
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As I promised to some people *glare*, I'm trying to be more active on LJ again! XD;; Not like there's anything exciting to talk about, but it doesn't matter because I say so! :D

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday greetings or mentioned it in a LJ post XD - it really makes me happy to see how people think of me, even if I haven't posted in a while. *squishes everyone*!

I've been back in Tübingen since Wednesday and haven't done much yet. After several panic attacks in August/September (yes, again =/ and one was bad enough to call the emergency) all I want is to calm down and get back to my regular routine. I've been thinking and talking with my mother a lot and I might quit my biochemistry studies if this semester doesn't go well. :x But first of all I'll probably apply for a psychotherapy. Our tenant has had panic disorder since he was 17 - he quit school and was never able to complete his training and now he's unemployed at 36...I don't want my "little problem" to take over and ruin my life.

BWAH! First post and all I have to say is angsty blather T_T This must change! I made new RO sketches!

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And to go on with the gushings - I got the cutest yellow shoes for my birthday! Actually they're a bit small but I'm so weak to pretty things XD

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AREN'T THEY CUTE. This is not a question. The tights are actually brown, btw :o

And another thing - Billie showed me a very VERY evil online shop yesterday, which offers the cutest (Lolita-ish XD) clothes ever. I swear, if Germans weren't so sceptical towards cosplay or just dressing-up unconventionally, I'd totally buy the whole shop D: ... or at least this coat (cashmere! And the capelet!), or this jacket(doesn't this scream Mizuki-frill XD) or even this dress! Ah, I guess this is the reason why there are anime conventions XD People can finally show off their pretty dresses which they otherwise would never wear XD...

Yah, and I think that's all for now. XD
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...okok... I just have to talk about RO again T_T

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I have a level 99/50 Alchemist. I feel damn leet 8D

Bad thing is, the 99'ing was an accident! T_T Some cookies took me to Ayothays for a pre-99-ing party, and they mobbed and tanked Tamruans for me <3 But yah... that was one mob too much! D: So everyone in the party was shouting "HOLY CRAP NOOOOO" on vent, and people not there thoght I died XD;;... but nyar.

Ah, I love RO and Well-Baked Cookies :x
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Uhm. Hello LJ world? :D

I really haven't posted here for such a long time D:

Mmh, the main reasons for my inactivity are still lab stress and RO (yes, it's still that bad - and won't get better anytime soon XD). But I promise not to ramble more than saying that Yris is level 98 now and preparing to become a Biochemist <3

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Mmh, my sketches keep getting more refined/complicated x_x;;

Other than that... how is everyone doing? D:*eats Hana's and Billie's LJ nudgings*


Okay, so this is both a sign that I'm not dead, and a GIP. Because it's so truly and utterly RIGHT XD;;...

So what has been distracting me?

- RO. Yes, can't keep that out of LJ after all, but I'm just so enthusiastic about this game! D: There were bad things (boo to wank), but after that there were great things *__* And I can safely say that I haven't had this much fun and excitement for a long time. Much much love to the Well-Baked Cookies (Jan! <3) and our allies! <3 DRAW

- Dorm life. Now that Billie's friend Bea also moved into our dorm, Dinners-For-One are history! XD God, we girls rock in terms of cooking and spazzing - and that's two of the nicest pastimes in the world <3

- Uni. Well, it doesn't eat as much time as the other two, but as always, Orchestra and labs keep me busy (and from playing too much XD;;) And I'm really excited about tutoring medical students in their chem lab, together with Enno. Little Goo is important Goo now! :D

What else? I finished the Hana Yori Dango drama with Billie (wah, it's so SO cute!), and the new anime season looks pretty X3 I've lost my heart to Ouran Host club (pretty boys and spazzyness!), and I need to watch Nana too. :O Now only to corrupt Bea into watching TeniPuri with us 8D;;;...